Best Mini Fridge under 100 Dollars which are Cute & Compact

Looking for a compact yet cute Best Mini fridge under 100 dollars can be challenging yet confusing.

The amount of collection out there on online store will leave you confused.

No matter what is your usage it can be chilling beverages or storing lunch or storing skincare or chilling a couple of beers.

Or your main refrigerator is running out of space.

Or you are running out of space at home or office and still want to access your foods and beverages chilled at a budget price.

Than these are the perfect brand of Best Mini fridge under $100 you should look for.

Let Dive in..

Best Mini Fridge under 100 Dollars [User Ratings]

Top Mini Fridge under 100 $ | Price List

Best Mini Fridge under $100 | 2021


  • AstroAI Mini Fridge

Best Mini Fridge under 100 Dollars
Best Mini Fridge under 100 Dollars

To start our list is  best mini fridge under $ 100 is this cool & cute looking mini fridge from AstroAI.


The AstroAI mini  fridge comes with a 9 Liter capacity which is equivalent to a storage capacity of 12 cans.

Shelves of the mini fridge can be removed to separate items like cosmetics, food, baby formula, or medications.

It features semiconductor refrigeration chip which is environment friendly and gives noiseless experience.

The compact and portability feature allows it convenient to be carried while travelling.

To add on it comes with 3 Year Warranty Provided by AstroAI


  • Travel-friendly


  • No Freezer

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  • Midea WHS-65LB1 

Best Mini Fridge under 100 Dollars
Best Mini Fridge under $100

This mini fridge from Midea comes with a plain exterior which doesn’t has any flashy exterior outside, however it’s interior will impress you.


Midea mini fridge comes with a capacity of 1.6 Cubic Feet with a simple plain exterior.

It comes with many compartments to keep your cold drinks, beverages, fruits, vegetables and more.

The Mini fridge has a freezer section which allows you to keep ice cubes.

Featuring whisper-quiet compressors that cycle on and off silently which makes it a perfect model for bedrooms.

It has 1 year full warranty including parts and labour and 5 years for compressor excluded labour and gas recharging cost. 

Other additional features includes Adjustable Legs and a Reversible Door that can Open from Left or Right. 

The neatly organized interior and compact design makes it one of the Best Mini Fridge under $100 budget.


  • Store Bottled & Canned Drinks
  • Noiseless
  • Compact 1.6 Cubic Feet


  • Requires frequent defrost

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  • Frigidaire Mini Fridge

Best Mini Fridge under $100
Best Mini Fridge under $100

This super cute mini fridge can store and cool any thing from facial treatments, storing masks, cryo globes and even my protein shakes.


Frigidaire mini fridge is compact in size with an excellent capacity of 45 Liters (1.6 cubic feet)

It has ice cube tray inside the mini fridge also allows 2 liter bottle storage at its door.

Compact in size however can stack with ease, at the same time it bears the weight of any other appliance on top of it.

The Frigidaire mini fridge is available in 2 different colors to suit your interiors.

Other additional feature includes Reversible Door, Adjustable Feet and Slide Out Shelves

Overall yet another Best Mini Fridge under 100 dollar budget to look out for.


  • Storage for all kinds of beverages


  • Nothing Noticeable

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  • Cooluli infinity White

Best Mini Fridge under 100 Dollars
Best Mini Fridge under 100 Dollars

This Mini fridge from Cooluli takes the aspect of Mini fridge in to a new level, it is next what we recommend in our list of Best Mini Fridge under $100.


Cooluli infinity mini fridge comes with a capacity of 15 liters.

It features storage basket at its door and removable dual racks inside which can be adjusted as per requirement.

The mini fridge is compact in size and available in 7 different colors to go well with your interiors.

Additionally the Spring-lock on door handle secures & protects contents.

The mini fridge comes with a one-year limited warranty.

It’s dead silent which can be kept in your bedroom without disturbing your sleep and keeps drinks very cold.


  • Travel-friendly


  • Not for perishables items

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  • Kealive Mini Fridge

Best Mini Fridge under 100 Dollars

Next is Kealive mini fridge which has both cooling functions and warming functions.


This mini fridge or portable car refrigerator can holds up to 33 cans of soda or 6 two liter bottles i.e. total 26 liters capacity.

It features AC/ DC adapter makes it usable both at vehicle and home.

Portable & convenient for carrying while travelling.

Fits anywhere in your house and vehicle with large storage capacity.

Kealive portable fridge offer 30 days money back or replacement and 24 months of warranty.

Over all a good travel companion mini fridge under 100 Dollars you should invest on.


  • Travel-friendly
  • Good Storage capacity


  • No freezer

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Frequently Asked Question – Mini Fridge below 100$

Some answer on frequently asked questions related to Best Mini Fridge under 100 Dollars.

Q: Are these Mini Fridge worth to buy?

A: If you are looking for an alternative for refrigerators, with less space and low maintenance than mini fridge will be your ideal choice coz it is small in size, inexpensive and fits anywhere in your house.

Q: How colder does a mini fridge get?

A: Similar to those full sized refrigerators the compact or mini fridge provides the same coolness or temperature.

Q: Is it safe to keep Mini fridge in bedroom?

A: There is no studies or scientific evidence which proves that keeping a refrigerator or mini fridge is harmful to be placed in bedroom.


Best Mini Fridge below 100 Dollars | Buying Guide

  • Size

The size of the mini fridge is critical for those who wanted to place it at there home or office desk wherein the space should accommodate accommodate other equipment or personal belongings. The place should also has a power outlet. So do measure the place and choose the mini fridge accordingly based on its size & dimensions.

  • Power Consumption

We recommend to check the energy power consumption specifications before buying the mini fridge. You should also note that opening and closing the fridge often during the day, consumes more energy. 

  • Capacity

Depending on what will be your usage for  Drinks? Your lunch? Ice cream? cosmetics? You should choose the capacity of the mini fridge. (just Google “convert gallons to cubic foot”) which will give you a better idea of mini fridge capacity you should choose.


Mini Fridge under $100 | Conclusion

There are still lots of Mini fridge available online at this budget, we could have added some more to the list.

However we  don’t want you to be confused in your selection.

Hence we have only added those branded best mini fridge under 100 dollars which are excellent in terms of performance.

In case if you haven’t decided on which one to choose from our list of Best Mini fridge under 100 Dollars.

Thank we will suggest you to go for Midea WHS-65LB1 Mini Fridge which I have been using personally since more than a year without any issue.

Now it’s Your Turn.

Did we missed out on any of your favorite Mini fridge from our List.

Or you have any questions related to Mini Fridge listed here.

Do let us know in the comment section below.


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