Best Mini Fridge under $150 to keep your favorite beverages & foods

If you are struggling or confused to find the Best Mini Fridge under 150 Dollars, than this article would help you in finding one.

With this article we have narrowed down only those best mini refrigerator under $ 150 which are performing well.

These mini fridge are recommended for compact rooms, office use, college dorms and bedrooms.

When I was completing my graduation I dreamt of Mini fridge like these for my dorm room.

But than I didn’t had a budget to buy one.

Now these are available easily and you can get a best mini fridge for less than $ 100 budget as well these days.

Very useful appliance to cool your drinks / beverages or freezing some ice cubes.

Let me tell you that we have prepared this review article based on the fridge available on Amazon, from which we have selected only the best currently available.

Mini Fridge under 150 Dollars | Our Top Picks & Rating

Best Mini Fridge under 150 Dollars | Price List


Best Mini Fridge under $ 150 [ Review 2020]


Compact & Stylish looking mini fridge from Black + Decker which consumes minimal energy in 1st in our list of Best mini fridge under 150$.


The spacing saving mini fridge (17.5″ x 18.5″ x 19.7″) consumes less space at your house or office.

Uses less energy up to 70 watts which cools items like food, beer, beverages and soda etc.

The freezer helps to keep your food nice and chilled

Other additional features like reversible door, leveling legs, and adjustable temperature control makes it one of the Best Mini fridge under 150 dollars.

The mini fridge comes with a 1 year warranty on product and 2 year warranty on compressor.

Overall it’s nice mini fridge for the price you are spending n it.


  • Built in Freezer
  • Energy Star Certified


  • Little noisy

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Best Mini Fridge under 150 Dollars
Best Mini Fridge under 150 Dollars

This Mini Fridge From Midea Comes With A Plain Exterior Which Doesn’t Has Any Flashy Exterior Outside, However It’s Interior Will Impress You.


Midea Mini Fridge comes with a capacity of 1.6 Cubic feet with a simple plain exterior.

It comes with many compartments to keep your cold drinks, beverages, fruits, vegetables and More.

The Mini Fridge has a freezer section which allows you to keep Ice Cubes.

Featuring whisper-Quiet compressors that cycle on and Off silently which makes it a perfect model for bedrooms.

It has 1 year full warranty including parts and labour and 5 years for compressor excluded labour and gas recharging cost.

Other additional features includes adjustable legs and a reversible door that can open from left or right.

The Neatly Organized interior and compact design makes it one of the Best mini fridge under $100 budget.


  • Store Bottled & Canned Drinks
  • Noiseless
  • Compact 1.6 Cubic Feet


  • Requires Frequent Defrost

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Next in our list is RCA mini fridge which is perfect for a small office, dorm room, kitchen or playroom.


This contemporary style, Sleek and beautiful looking mini fridge comes with a amazing 3.2 cft capacity.

It comes with built in temperature control and low energy consumption.

Additional feature includes flush back design, the adjustable level feet and a clever reversible door.

This mini fridge  receives many awesome reviews among the masses due to its performance & Function.

If you are looking for a quality fridge at an affordable price than this one is another mini fridge under $ 150 to choose from.


  • Freezer compartment
  • Lots of space


  • Dents noticed while delivery

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Next mini fridge in our list is Cooluli which has sleek, compact and perfectly portable design.


The Cooluli mini fridge comes with a capacity of 20 liters with a measurement of 11.4 x 13.8 x 16 inches.

It allows to adjust and set your desired temperature from cold to warm with a simple touch of button.

Very useful to keep beer and wine cooler, store food, snacks, drinks, breast milk, insulin, beauty and skincare products, and medications

The fridge is  energy-efficient, ultra-quiet and 100% eco-friendly.

Overall a descent mini fridge to store your cosmetic, foods etc. at this budget.


  • Cools or warms the contents
  • Noiseless


  • No Freezer

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  • Frigidaire Mini Fridge

This super cute mini fridge can store and cool any thing from facial treatments, storing masks, cryo globes and even my protein shakes.


Frigidaire mini fridge is compact in size with an excellent capacity of (3.2 cubic feet)

It has ice cube tray inside the mini fridge to make ice any time.

2 door compartment shelves allows for easy storage of single cans and well as a 2 liter bottle storage at its door.

Compact in size however can stack with ease, at the same time it bears the weight of any other appliance on top of it.

The Frigidaire mini fridge is available in 7 different colors to suit your interiors.

Other additional feature includes Reversible Door, Adjustable Feet and Slide Out Shelves

Overall yet another Best Mini Fridge under 150 dollar budget to look out for.


  • Storage for all kinds of beverages


  • Nothing Noticeable

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Frequently Asked Question – Mini Fridge Below $ 150


Q: Does the Mini Fridge comes with Freezer?

A: Yes, the mini fridge comes  with a small freezer which can accommodate couple of ice trays to give you chilled ice cubes.


Q: Are mini fridge worth to spent money on?

A: Yes, it will easily fit in your home if you are running out of space at home or your usual refrigerator is running out of space, it is good idea to buy mini fridge to accommodate the overflow. Other benefit is it’s small in size, inexpensive, occupy less space, and require low maintenance  hence suitable for dorms, office place etc.


Q: Is mini fridge safe to keep at home?

A: The safety issues of it falling on pets or small children is more since it is compact and push will make it fall. So do double check about the placement, other than that mini fridge are safe.

Best Mini Fridge under 150 Dollars | Conclusion

These are the Best mini fridge below $ 150 dollars which we recommend for those who are looking for a budget mini refrigerator.

Whether you want to place in your office desk or in your bedroom or for sipping a beer for late night football match.

These mini fridge we listed after reading feedback’s, reviews and researching tons of other mini fridge online.

And we find these are the ones which worth to be listed in our Review.

Now it’s your Turn.

Did we missed any of your favorite Mini fridge from our list.

Or you have any queries related to the refrigerator listed over here.

Do let us know in the comment section below.

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