Best Mini Fridge under $200 to keep your favorite beverages cold

These are the Best mini fridge under 200 Dollars which we thought of bringing to your notice.

When we were reviewing mini fridge under $100 and mini refrigerator under $ 150 we came across some top mini refrigerator under $ 200.

With this review we would like to bring these mini fridge to your notice as well.

In case if you are looking for a compact fridge under 200 dollars than you should check this best of the best collection .

These mini fridge work well for offices, small shops, garages, and hostel where you might be missing chilled beverages.

Let dive in..

Best Mini Fridge below 200 Dollars  [Price List]

Mini Fridge Brands Price
Walsh WSR31TBK Compact Fridge $185
Antarctic Star Mini Fridge $195
Midea WHS-121LSS1 Mini Refrigerator $175
RCA RFR832 Mini Fridge $185
Danby Mini Fridge $170


Best Mini refrigerator under 200 Dollars [Rating]

Best Mini Fridge under $200 [ Review 2020]

  • Walsh WSR31TBK Compact Fridge

best mini fridge under 200

Walsh comes with compact, stylish, sleek, modern design refrigerator is perfect for college dorm rooms, offices, garages and home bars.


  • The 3.1 Cu Ft dual door fridge comes with a large capacity and takes up minimal space.
  • It has separate freezer compartment, bright interior lighting and vegetable crisper section.
  • The temperature is adjustable with the control dial from 0-7 thanks to adjustable thermostat.
  • Compact fridge with black look is perfect for office, kitchen and dormitory.
  • It features Reversible door that can open from left or right and has glass shelves which are removable to adjust space.
  • Overall a perfect mini fridge with excellent performance and stylish design which you should check while looking for a compact fridge under $200.

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  • Antarctic Star mini fridge

best mini fridge under 200
Best Mini fridge under 200 dollars for Wine storage

Next we have Antarctic Star mini fridge which specializes on keeping your wine in perfect temperature which makes your wine good to taste.


  • It features dual-Pane glass door which has tight seal and will keep your wine at a steady temperature.
  • It is Energy-efficient cooling system which as minimal vibration effect and noise.
  • The shelves are made of stainless steel which are removable and adjustable.
  • It looks Stylish with Soft purple LED lights light up which add up to the beauty of your house.
  • The mini fridge with lots of amenities and a handsome design, this unit is a great choice under this budget.
  • Overall it is one of the best mini fridge under $200 recommended for storage of wine.

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  • Midea WHS-121LSS1 mini Refrigerator

best mini fridge under 200

The same Model from Midea with a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet is featured in our review of top mini fridge under $150. This one has a better capacity compared to it.


  • Midea Mini Fridge comes with a capacity of 3.3 Cubic Feet with a simple plain exterior.
  • It features good amount of  Compartments to Keep Your Cold Drinks, Beverages, Fruits, Vegetables And More.
  • The Mini Fridge has a freezer section which allows you to keep ice cubes.
  • Midea Mini Fridge has 1 Year Full Warranty Including Parts And Labour And 5 Years For Compressor Excluded Labour And Gas Recharging Cost.
  • Other additional features includes adjustable legs and a reversible door that can open from left or right.
  • Moreover  the mini fridge is neatly organized with a compact design which makes it one of the Best mini fridge under $200 budget.

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  • RCA RFR832 Mini fridge

best mini fridge under 200
Best mini fridge under 200 dollars

Next in our list is a mini fridge from RCA which is our perfect choice for a small office, dorm room, kitchen or playroom.


  • This contemporary style, Sleek and beautiful looking mini fridge comes with a amazing 3.2 cft capacity.
  • It a mini fridge with 2 door design of which top door for freezer and bottom door for Fridge.
  • It comes with built in temperature control and low energy consumption.
  • Also Built in can dispenser, door Basket for 2 liter Bottles, vegetable drawer with glass shelf keeps your vegetables crisp.
  • Additional feature includes flush back design, the adjustable level feet and a clever reversible door.
  • This mini fridge  receives many awesome reviews among the masses due to its performance & Function.
  • If you are looking for a quality fridge at an affordable price than this  mini fridge under $ 200 will not disappoint you.

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  • Danby mini fridge

best mini fridge under 200
Best mini fridge under 200 Dollars

When it comes to Danby most of its appliances are known for its high-quality machines which are durable and reliable for customers.


  • This one is a excellent mini fridge for a small space which is good for storing extra food and beverages without having to buy a full-sized fridge.
  • Danby Mini Fridge comes with a capacity of 2.6 Cubic Feet with a smooth back design exterior.
  • The mini fridge is easy to operate with automatic defrost feature to save on your maintenance part.
  • Reversible hidden door hinges, scratch resistant worktop and adjustable shelving are other additional features which we like in this fridge.
  • It hardly make any noise when operational that you will doubt whether its running.
  • Over all nice model with excellent color and retro look which will go well with your house or office interior.

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Best Mini Fridge under 200 Dollars [ Conclusion]

Choosing the best mini fridge under $200 is a matter of your budget now.

We have narrowed down you search for a mini fridge at a budget you can afford for.

These are the current top mini fridge below $200 which better than those large chunk of collections online.

Now it’s your turn.

Did we missed to mention any of your favorite mini fridge from our list.

Or you have any queries related to the ones listed in this review.

Do let us know in the comment section below.

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